The Top 5 Places To See in Cyprus


Cyprus, an island nation nestled in the eastern Mediterranean, is a captivating blend of ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. From archaeological wonders to serene coastal vistas, Cyprus offers a myriad of experiences for every traveler. Let’s embark on a journey through the top five places to see in Cyprus that will transport you to the heart and soul of this enchanting island.

1. Paphos

Our journey begins in Paphos, the sun-kissed location of Constantinou Bros, a collection of the best hotels in Paphos. It is a coastal city steeped in mythology and adorned with archaeological treasures. As you wander through the ancient ruins of the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, you’ll find yourself immersed in the rich tapestry of Cyprus’s history. Marvel at the well-preserved Castle, and the Roman villas with intricate mosaic floors, telling tales of gods and mythical creatures.

The Tombs of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage site, beckon with their monumental splendor. Carved into the rock, these elaborate tombs date back to the 4th century BC, serving as the final resting place for high-ranking officials rather than royalty. The aura of antiquity is palpable, transporting you to an era where legends and reality intertwine.

2. Troodos Mountains

Escape the coastal allure and venture into the Troodos Mountains. This haven of natural beauty and tranquility has earned its place amongst the top five places to see in Cyprus.  The Troodos National Forest Park is a treasure trove of hiking trails, revealing panoramic views of lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and charming villages frozen in time.

Make your way to Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Cyprus, where the cool mountain air and breathtaking vistas offer a refreshing contrast to the coastal plains. The picturesque village of Kakopetria, with its traditional architecture and winding cobblestone streets, provides a glimpse into the island’s rural charm.

3. Limassol

Limassol, the vibrant coastal city, seamlessly blends ancient charm with modern sophistication. The Limassol Castle, standing proudly along the coastline, is a testament to the city’s rich history. Explore its medieval chambers and climb to the rooftop for panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

For a taste of the contemporary, stroll along the Molos Promenade, where modern art installations and sculptures complement the picturesque seafront. Limassol’s Old Town offers a delightful fusion of traditional tavernas and trendy cafes, inviting you to savor local delicacies while enjoying the Mediterranean breeze.

 4. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa, once renowned for its lively nightlife, has evolved into a destination that caters to diverse tastes. Beyond the vibrant clubs and bars, Ayia Napa boasts some of the island’s most stunning beaches and sea caves. Nissi Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and golden sands, is a paradise for sun-seekers.

Cape Greco, a natural park near Ayia Napa, offers a dramatic coastal landscape with sea caves and rugged cliffs. Explore the Cape Greco National Forest Park by hiking or cycling, and be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean stretching to the horizon.

5. Larnaca

Our journey concludes in Larnaca, a city that seamlessly blends history with modernity. Start your exploration at the Larnaca Salt Lake, where flocks of flamingos paint the horizon pink during the winter months. The Hala Sultan Tekke, an exquisite mosque surrounded by serene waters, adds a touch of spiritual tranquility to the landscape.

The Larnaca Castle, situated at the city’s heart, offers a glimpse into the island’s tumultuous past. Today, the castle houses the Larnaca Medieval Museum, showcasing artifacts from different historical periods. Conclude your visit with a stroll along Finikoudes, Larnaca’s bustling promenade lined with palm trees and a mosaic of cafes and shops.

Discover them all on a journey through time and nature, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. The top places to see in Cyprus span from the ancient wonders of Paphos to the natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains, each destination unveiling a different facet of this mesmerizing island. Whether you seek archaeological marvels, serene landscapes, or a blend of ancient and modern charm, Cyprus promises an unforgettable adventure that transcends time and transports you to a realm of beauty and wonder. Begin your discovery by staying in beachfront adults-friendly luxury hotels in Paphos Cyprus.


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